What's the PassWord?

Announcing roadside poems to appear on the 2022 Farm/Art DTour

August 11, 2022 |

Last month, Wormfarm invited submissions of short poems inspired by the old Burma Shave ads to appear on this year's Farm/Art DTour (Oct 1-10, 2022). Five poems and 10 honorable mentions were selected by guest judge Katrin Talbot. The winning five poems — by Rob McClure, Cherie Burbach, Sandy Swanson, J.A. Berlin, and Cari Tenadu — will be hand-painted on a series of signs that over 20,000 DTourists from across the Midwest read as they drive by.

Every little password I read had merit, from the concept of Reinheitsgebot applied to the land, to foment moment to pig manure! I struggled to choose the final fifteen as there were so many wonderful ones, but I selected ones that I thought were best as driveby’s, ones where lines could be remembered and honoured in a quick passing by. I applaud all the PassWords poets and their hard work to capture land, fermentation, conservation and farming in five short lines.”

Read the 10 honorable mentions below and drive the DTour this October to experience the five winning poems!

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