Get dirty. Eat well. Make art.

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2024 farm-based artist residency program! The primary application period has now closed. Selected artists will be notified shortly and we look forward to another bountiful season!

Throughout the growing season, the foundational artist residency program invites artists to engage in life on a working CSA farm. By generating, supporting and promoting links between ourselves, our work and our place on earth, we expand the idea of “community supported agriculture” to include a creative community. We host up to three artists & writers at a time, welcoming individuals with an interest in sustainable systems. Since 2000, the farm-based program has been supported over 200 artists.

Each day started the same—a blissful awakening to the sound of cows mooing in the pasture, sipping coffee in the cozy barn kitchen, and mindful planting and harvesting of vegetables orchestrated by Farmer Jay.”

In exchange for 15 hours in the garden per week, artists receive:

  • Rustic, private furnished rooms on the farm
  • Studio space in our continually evolving dairy barn: built in 1915, the barn is a beautiful example of the Dutch Gambrel style that we have gradually adapted to the working needs of the artists
  • Farm-fresh produce and many staples like rice, beans, flours, spices, oils & more
  • Gorgeous setting on a 40-acre farm set in the Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin
  • Access to tools & equipment
  • Opportunities for gallery exhibitions and community engagement.

The garden became the place where I gathered and organized thoughts to put to work in the studio, later in the day. I experienced a strong creative flow that poured into my project, which took a life of its own.”

Wormfarm is not for everyone. A residency here is not a retreat, but rather an engagement in the life of a working farm.

We ask for 15 hours/week contributed to farm operations. This usually involves working in the 3-acre organic garden and may include weekend mornings. Like most farms, it is full of hay and farm animals. Anyone with serious allergies should either be properly medicated or reconsider. Cell phone service is spotty, but high-speed internet is available on the farm.

Sustainable agriculture is central to our mission and involvement in the process is an important part of a residency. Depending on the resident artist’s skill, contributions could also include construction, general maintenance or contributions to the CSA newsletter.

Artists will get away from the day-to-day concerns of home in a beautiful rural setting and have much of their time to devote to their practice. But, this is a working farm, a living organism, of which you will become a part. We look for artists for whom this engagement is an alluring prospect.