Wormfarm cultivates connections between our rural and urban neighbors through art, food, and the land. We do this by investing in our cultureshed:

  1. A region irrigated by streams of creators and producers, fed by deep pools of human and natural history and nourished by what is cultivated locally.
  2. The efforts of artists, farmers, chefs, scholars, writers, performers and community organizers who contribute to a vital, diverse local culture.

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Just as the word culture is embedded in agriculture, so is cultural expression embedded within our landscapes and livelihoods. A cultureshed is similar to the agricultural concept of terroir in which products grown in an area reflect its unique geography, geology and micro-climate. To foster the development of a strong, regional culture, Wormfarm creates, sponsors and hosts artist-led projects that engage the surrounding community.

We believe the power of the arts brings to the sustainability conversation the complexity and context the subject requires. For thousands of years, farmers in cultures around the world interwove dance, music, and art through rituals of planting and harvest in celebration of the land, soil, and those who care for it. Through a contemporary approach and within this timeless context, we continue that tradition.