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The Giant Farmer of Plain

2022 DTourists discovered a giant farmer in Plain, WI

Test Plots, Farm/Art DTour

"A Sprecher Saga" by Dan S. Wang

Dan S. Wang reflects on a conversation with participating DTour landowner Scott Sprecher.

Farm/Art DTour

"A Grain of Truth" by Elena Byrne

Elena Byrne profiles farming family William & Alma Gasser and DTour artist Tory Tepp.

Public art, Farm/Art DTour

"More Than Dirt" by Serge Koenig

Sauk County conservation technician Serge Koenig shares the secret to soil health.

Public art, Farm/Art DTour

What's the PassWord?

Announcing roadside poems to appear on the 2022 Farm/Art DTour

Public art, Farm/Art DTour

Layered by Time

An introduction to Wisconsin's geology by Curt Meine

Test Plots, Rural Urban FLOW