The DTour returns October 5-14, 2024

Join us for a free self-guided excursion through 50 miles of scenic farmland in rural Sauk County, Wisconsin, punctuated by site-responsive artworks, pasture performances, roadside poetry, local food markets and more. Inviting thousands to appreciate what farmers do everyday, the Farm/Art DTour invites you to come closer to the land that supports us all.

Thank you Artists!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an artwork proposal for the Farm/Art DTour! Applications will be reviewed in the coming months and up to 10 artists will be selected to realize their site-responsive artworks in farm fields along the 50-mile route.

The Farm/Art DTour has gone from regional novelty to a model for the emerging world of curbside culture. It took the restrictions of a pandemic to show what DTour visitors have known for many years now: the form has wheels. Already there have been drive-by shows staged on the East and West coasts. Having participated in one in LA, I can say that the difference is that of layers, of depth. Viewing art works outdoors is one thing; a DTour through the land and season is an altogether more poignant experience.”

Feed the Starter Culture

Inviting thousands to witness what farmers do every day, and imagine what they might do tomorrow, the DTour supports our region’s heritage, using the arts to spark curiosity about, and investment in, the future of farming and land stewardship. Your generosity supports this work and helps us keep our agri/cultural programs free for all.