Wormfarm is a convener and active member of the Rural Urban FLOW – a network of agri/cultural producers primarily in Sauk County and Milwaukee who organize exchanges across the rural-urban continuum. We recognize, support and amplify the interwoven roles that artists, farmers, advocates and other creators play in creating the sustainable systems we need now to thrive.

Meet the Rural Urban FLOW co-organizers

CaBeatrice Hart

Urban Organizer

CaBeatrice is a Milwaukee-based creative, herbalist, aspiring homesteader, community organizer, and advocate for urban agriculture. She is working to build sustainable urban agriculture networks using land access as a mechanism for self-sufficiency and liberation.

Jacque Enge

Rural organizer

Jacque is a chemical engineer turned vegetable farmer. After working in corporate America, she quit her job to seek out a simpler and more meaningful life. Now, she is a regenerative vegetable farmer who strives to foster a positive impact on the community and ecosystem.

Our work celebrates the land upon which we all depend and builds on eight years of exploration in each other’s homelands in Southern Wisconsin and tribal lands.”

FLOW describes: our life choices, our commingled enthusiasms, and a way to consider and realize a healthy regional ecosystem that values cultural differences – one that acknowledges an interdependent “biotic community," to paraphrase Aldo Leopold, that includes people, animals, plants, water and the land itself.

Exploring the different styles of engagement we use in urban and rural areas leads us to reimagine what collaboration and civic dialogue is possible. Our vision is that of an infinity loop flowing through the rural and urban parts of our entire cultureshed.

Through invitations and exchanges, we explore each other’s landscapes to discover our interdependence, interconnectedness and shared humanity. We grow our communities’ health and wealth through making food, art and culture together.