Don't miss a tour of the recently restored Freethinkers' Hall!

Located at 307 Polk St. in Sauk City, the Freethinkers' Hall is a charming, historic meeting place designed by Alfred Clas in 1884. The space will be open to the public throughout the DTour, featuring artwork by Sauk Prairie High School students and wooden carved pumpkin art by artist Kurt Breunig. Breunig took up carving wood, mostly with cedar, after he retired. In addition to a display at the intersection of Polk & John Adams Streets, Bruenig's work will be on view south to Van Buren and east on Polk, where neighbors have volunteered to place his works on their lawns until the end of October.

The Freethinkers' Hall will host a special performance by Kanopy Dance and Elm Duo on Sunday, Oct 2, 5:30-6:30 pm. Learn more here.