Scottie McDaniel & Marshall Prado

Scottie McDaniel and Marshall Prado are Assistant Professors in Landscape Architecture and Architecture, respectively at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Scottie’s work focuses on the reciprocal nature of ecology and culture. Her research is situated on rural land practices and patterns with an emphasis on the southern highlands. Through her work, McDaniel studies the interconnectedness of forces, materials, and histories to advocate for people and places that rarely get design attention.

Marshall holds bachelor's degrees in architecture and environmental design from North Carolina State University and master's degrees in architecture and design studies in Technology from Harvard University. He leads workshops on digital design and fabrication, and his research interests include integrated computational design and robotic fabrication for architectural applications.

We explore the invisible technology of rural space and apply new technologies to it. Robotics, 3d printing, cnc milling, digital scanning, modeling software and other advanced tools are all part of our work, either explicitly or implicitly. This project seeks to reveal the Driftless landscape as highly technical and cloaked in our pastoral imagination.”

Rural Ways by Scottie McDaniel