Cathy McCauley, Pamela Self & Shari Gullo

Collectively known as the Preserve Collaborative, Cathy McCauley, Shari Gullo, and Pamela Self, are a dynamic trio of women based in Illinois who are united by creativity, conservation, and activism, and persist in realizing bold dreams. Their past collaborations include spearheading a peace initiative, culminating in installing Illinois' tallest peace pole, and establishing a community garden in honor of renowned birder Phoebe Snetsinger. Individually, they’ve created immersive nature programs for children, orchestrated a book drive delivering 54,000 books to West Virginia, and own a thriving landscape architecture firm, respectively. Their work underscores the transformative power of creativity ignited by a deep reverence for nature and service.

In Wisconsin’s Driftless Region, life flourishes. In Sauk County alone, a staggering 4,591 species have been documented. Preserve is a testament to this magnificent diversity and draws inspiration from the wisdom of esteemed conservationist Aldo Leopold, who advocated for the care of every component of our natural world. Leopold’s legacy reminds us to 'keep every cog and wheel' or to save all the parts.”

Peace Lutheran Labyrinth (2011), designed and installed by Pamela Self.