Gabriela Jiménez Marván, Ryan Rothweiler & Leonardo Linares

Gabriela Jiménez Marván and Ryan Rothweiler live in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Gabriela is a sculptor and muralist specializing in the traditional art form of cartonería–a technique passed down through generations in her hometown (Cuernavaca, Mexico), utilizing cardboard, reed, and paste. She honed her craft under the mentorship of traditional cartoneros and the sculptor Flor Molina. In 2019, Gabriela relocated to the United States and in 2020 she co-founded the Mexican Folk Art Collective. Her husband Ryan is a multi-disciplinary artist from Milwaukee, WI who works in murals, woodworking, and sculpture. For over a decade, he has called Viroqua home, immersing himself in the landscapes of the Driftless region. Since 2019, Ryan and Gabriela have joined creative forces, producing collaborations ranging from expansive murals to grand-scale paper maché sculptures.

Leonardo Linares is an artist based in Mexico City, Mexico. Born into a family of sculptors, Leonardo began crafting cartonería sculptures as a child. He has participated in different editions of “Big Masters of Mexican Folk Art” and his art has graced cultural centers and museums worldwide. A member of the Mexican Folk Art Collective since 2021, Leonardo is dedicated to preserving Mexico’s rich artistic heritage and fostering global cultural exchange.

We repurpose materials from the farm such as willow, corn husk, fresh and dried flowers and chicken wire, and other materials like paper grocery bags. Creating large scale figures from materials found on the farm gives a special soul to the art. It feels like the art and land go together, a space where you can set your pieces and they are free, taking them out of galleries or museums, and creating them for and with the people from the community.”

Fantastical animals called alebrijes are created using the art technique of cartonería. Model by Gabriela Jiménez Marván, Ryan Rothweiler and Leonardo Linares.