Mars Patterson

Artist, Master Naturalist, Master Gardener, Land Steward, and community wellness advocate mars lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is currently part of the leadership team with Land Restoration School, where she received an Ecological Restoration certificate. mars is simultaneously serving as a MdW Arts Fellow focusing on connecting people, place, and plants through eco art workshops, land stewardship education, and leading nature healing hikes and photo harvest hikes throughout South Eastern and South Central Wisconsin. She holds a BFA from The Illinois Institute of Art (2008).

Willow chose me to create tangible memories as a vessel for deeper connectivity to our spaces and each other via Art, Science, and Culture. As an artist, restorationist, and representation of my Ancestors wildest dreams, I am joyful to be a part of watering seeds of interest around utilizing art as common soil to cultivate germination of these ideas.”

Self Portrait by mars (2024). Mixed media, dried vegetation, hair.