W. Scott Trimble

W. Scott Trimble is an artist based in Seattle, whose work tends to straddle the worlds between architecture, art, and the surrounding environment. His practice has varied from highly interactive to stand-alone public art and his art forms have ranged from delicate and ephemeral (often using reclaimed and natural materials) to stately and more permanent installations. Trimble obtained an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Washington in 2003 and has created numerous site-specific works on the West Coast including Greg Kucera Gallery, Schneider Museum, Bumbershoot, and the University of Washington. He has also participated in many artist residencies including Bemis, Anderson Ranch, and Sculpture Space, and received grants from the City of Seattle, and King County, Washington.

My intention is to create an artwork that considers and synthesizes the various symbols that pertain to the land. I want to symbolize and celebrate the perseverance, resourcefulness, and hard work of the small farms in this country. The creation of this artwork can serve as a reminder that we too are connected to the land in more ways than we know. The artwork will exhibit telescoping concentric shapes that appear to grow out from the center, mimicking the nurturing and growing of plants, food, and the structures of nature. It will interact with the land and facilitate the importance of sustainable and responsible stewardship. The sculptural form will reflect upon aesthetic qualities of farm structures and could be seen as a mythological articulated creature that inhabits these lands. It is my intention to create an anthropomorphic structure that symbolizes those who work the land and the land itself.”

Wave Sine by W. Scott Trimble. 2014. Part of Mad Campus Exhibition, University of Washington Campus, Physics & Astronomy courtyard. Reclaimed + New Douglas fir, plywood. 10’ x 75’ x 7’.