Denise Rolland Troyer

Denise Rolland Troyer is a ceramic artist based in Indiana whose work focuses on various, persistent growth forms such as fungi, lichen, and mosses. Troyer’s current research has led her to explore how fungi and fungal networks can beneficially affect the ecosystems in which they live. Her sculptural work speculates about how these growths may evolve in the future. Troyer is influenced by observations of natural treasures surrounding her home, as well as while traveling to other environments. While primarily working as a ceramicist, she is also Associate Faculty at Herron School of Art – Indiana University/Purdue University in Indianapolis.

My DTour artwork, The Tippy Top of Under, focuses on fungi and the world beneath our feet. Hundreds of individually made ceramic pieces demonstrate how this world teems with energy and communications and intermittently graces us with its presence above ground. I present sculptural pieces that are inspired by nature but have elements of peculiarity. These familiar, yet odd growth forms imply futurity, a continued existence.”

Lofted Bloom by Denise Rolland Troyer. 2020.