The Builders Initiative Features Wormfarm

November 17, 2021 |
An exciting collaboration between artist Tory Tepp and a local farming family to plant & harvest Kernza, a new perennial grain, in a field anchored by evolving earthworks created with students from a local school.

Wormfarm's two-year, Test Plots-to-DTour growing cycle is featured as a "Builders Story" on the Builders Initiative's new website. Builders Initiative invests in and collaborates with non-profits, businesses, and others working towards sustainable solutions to societal and environmental challenges.

In the years between DTours, Wormfarm presents a series of 'Test Plots', in which farmers and artists work together to try out new ideas, new crops, and prototype artworks that might be featured on the next year’s DTour, all while deepening community relationships for long-term benefit. One of the current 'Test Plots' features an evolving earthwork sculpture by artist Tory Tepp.”

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