We're seeking a marketing assistant or intern!

Help promote the 2022 Farm/Art DTour

April 26, 2022 |

Wormfarm Institute seeks a self-starter Marketing Assistant or Intern to coordinate digital marketing strategy leading up to and during the 2022 Farm/Art DTour. The assistant will work closely with the director of programs and an independent communications strategist to identify approaches and build campaigns that align with Wormfarm’s core values and program goals.

Through successful marketing with a particular focus this year on agritourism and sensory outdoor experiences, we will invite 25,000 visitors to experience the Farm/Art DTour (October 1-10). The DTour is a fifty-mile, self-guided excursion through the working farmland of Sauk County, WI, punctuated by site-responsive artworks, roadside poetry, local food markets, pasture performances, artist-led civic engagement and more. It is an invitation to rural residents and urban visitors to come closer to the land upon which we all depend.

The marketing assistant will help launch a multifaceted campaign that elevates the work of DTour artists and Wormfarm’s creative collaborators including farmers, agricultural and conservation organizations, writers, media makers, food entrepreneurs and small businesses, and performers from dancers to puppeteers. Primary areas of focus are:

  • Social media (Instagram and Facebook)

  • Monthly e-newsletter (Mailchimp)

  • Website updates (Craft CMS).

Experience with these platforms is a plus (as is experience with Google Drive, Canva and Buffer), but all are user-friendly and easily taught. This is a limited-term independent contract for a flexible 10-20 hours per week beginning this spring through October 31, 2022. Hourly rate will be $14-17 depending on experience. Schedule is flexible around the assistant's other obligations, and work is mostly remote with Zoom meetings, plus a few strategic in-person meetings.

Responsibilities include:


  • Create content and coordinate weekly posting schedule (1-2 times per week), using Social Media Calendar established by strategist

  • Monitor platform insights and maintain records for social media analytics

  • Grow online community with whom Wormfarm engages, by building the network of people and organizations for Wormfarm to follow

  • Engage with followers e.g. replying to comments, sharing tagged posts, and managing direct messages as needed

  • Contribute content ideas and implement creative strategies collaboratively identified with director of programs and communications strategist


  • Design effective, visually engaging campaigns for monthly e-newsletter with occasional additional “blasts”

  • Support writing of e-newsletter and collection of image and video

  • Monitor open & engagement rates and recommend changes based on evolving data


  • Implement updates in 3-5 strategic rounds as information about the DTour is confirmed e.g. Map Stops, collaborators, locations, sponsors

  • Review and track page performance on a monthly basis

Other tasks

  • Support digital advertising efforts as needed to promote the DTour

  • Contribute social media content to collaborator marketing kits as needed

  • Help distribute the DTour Guide and DTour Map (an all-team effort)

  • Attend bi-weekly Zoom meetings with director of programs and strategist

  • Attend occasional strategic all-staff meetings in-person, either in Wormfarm’s Reedsburg office or at locations along the DTour route in southern Sauk County

Sound like you?

To apply, send one-page resume and brief cover email by May 9th to Philip Matthews, Director of Programs: philip@wormfarminstitute.org

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About Wormfarm

Wormfarm Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a sustainable future for agriculture and the arts by fostering vital links between people and the land. Based in Wisconsin, the organization has been working for more than 20 years to create new economic opportunities in the region and support a flourishing cultural ecology by bringing rural and urban communities together around farming, land conservation, and the arts. Wormfarm's initiatives include an artist residency program, the management of Roadside Culture Stands across the state, and more. As part of the annual Fermentation Fest, the organization launched the biennial Farm/Art DTour in 2011 as a way to make the connections between the land and art more legible and to stimulate the local economy. Farm/Art DTour is a free, self-guided drive through Wisconsin’s working farmland that features large-scale public artworks, local food markets, roadside poetry, and educational Field Notes. Since 2011, the event’s attendance has grown from 3,000 to over 22,000 people, helping to unlock opportunities for investment in local cultural assets and resources that were previously undervalued.